The Company

Pietre Colorate was born with the aim of working with natural materials,transforming them into high quality coatings.

Moved by the understanding of the importance of promoting the rational management of natural resources throughout the production chain, we are inserted in the context of sustainability, where we only work with materials licensed by the Environment Organs and the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM).

Manufacturing coatings that reveal and value the natural beauty hidden in the raw material that would be discarded in the environment.

We work with a wide variety of natural rocks; seing that each material has different reactions according to its porosity, to appreciate the quality of the mosaics, our products receive protection specially developed for each type of stones / marble / wood / granite.

This treatment has as main characteristic to maintain the surface with the natural appearance free of pellicle, of spots by oil and fat, in addition to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Our process is 100% manual, giving exclusivity to each piece.